Making customers’ R&D innovations work.
Reasunta Technology is a leading Software Engineering and Technology Solutions Company specializing in the Research & Development sector. We possess exceptional expertise in Power Electronics, High-Loaded Systems, Embedded Systems Development, and Predictive Analytics.
Why Choose Us?
  • Best R&D Experts on time
    We use a well-tested approach to delivery of best R&D Experts on time.
  • On-site presence &
    Long- term potencial
    We ensure long-term on-site presence of all R&D Experts.
  • We solve all problems
    We cover all aspects of the Experts’ life cycle, e.g. visa, relocation etc.

How We Do It

Don't let hiring stress you out - Reasunta makes it a breeze!
First we talk
We’ll talk through your current business and technology challenges, your level of expectations. Our R&D Experts are involved in this discussion from the very beginning.
Benchmark Interview
We present potential members of your team and arrange interviews, so you can evaluate their level of expertise.
Hiring & Onboarding
We start the process, so you can have your new R&D force on board ASAP.
Why we are different
  • Scaling-up

    We help sustain your growth by continuously bringing you best R&D talent in desired quantity and quality.

  • Delivery plans

    We ensure that your HR practices align with your broader goals and objectives, and that it effectively manages your most valuable resource - people. All in good time and quality.

  • Competency widening
    We deliver you best-of-breed R&D Experts in their respective fields. We also help them in new challenges, and to adapt to new technologies and methodologies.
  • Competitivness
    Thanks to understanding your company's specific business context and goals we deliver you best talent and keep you ahead of the peloton.
  • Internalization option
    It gives you increased control over R&D activities, faster response times, improved communication and collaboration, greater knowledge retention, enhanced innovation and other benefits for your team.
  • We cover all aspects of the process
    We remove your struggle with R&D deficiencies - in both new and ongoing projects. We remove all the legal, finance, relocation, onboarding, and any other types of organizational headache from our customers.