About us


Empowering R&D Innovations for Our Customers!

Reasunta Technology is a leading Software Engineering and Technology Solutions Company specializing in the Research & Development sector. We possess exceptional expertise in Power Electronics, High-Loaded Systems, Embedded Systems Development, and Predictive Analytics.

In our 15-year history, a dedicated team of over 1,000 engineers has worked hard to bring our customers' R&D projects to life. Our engineers have graduated from renowned tech universities, excelling in Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science. Leveraging our unique ability to attract and relocate the best talent, we ensure scalability and strengthen our confidence in delivering high-quality results.

Reasunta's key technology experts collaborate with top Czech university research facilities to provide cutting-edge solutions. Situated in one of Europe's most politically and economically stable regions, our delivery is rooted in stability and reliability.

Our transparent approach to project delivery, guided by the open-book policy, fosters long-term partnerships. These partnerships not only facilitate knowledge transfer but also mitigate the vendor lock, maximizing the efficiency of team cooperation.

In today's fast-paced world of data, smart technologies, mobility, and sustainability, expertise in Mathematics and Physics, tested over time, is essential. This belief is substantiated by our successful projects with such industry giants as ZF, Commerzbank, and eBay Tech Engineering. At Reasunta Technology, we transform innovative ideas into reality, shaping the future of technology through expertise and dedication.